About the Artist

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm a freelance illustrator and a veterinary technician.  My passion for pet portraits came from combining my two favorite interests: animals and art!  I work both traditionally and digitally as an illustrator, using a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, pen and ink, and watercolor.  I worked on many different surfaces on my road to my chalkboard pet portraits and through trial and error, found that the chalkboard paper was the best medium to express my pet portraits. It's a forgiving medium that lets me show my style while producing a striking final piece.  I use acrylic paint, chalkboard marker, and ink in my pet portrait work.  Being able to connect my two worlds of veterinary medicine and illustration has been a dream come true, and I love using my experience with animals to enhance my work.   When I'm not saving the animals or painting portraits, I can be found hiking and exploring New England with my dog Amber.  
My illustration work can be found at amandasakerart.com

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